What is Love?

Love. Love is when you care. Love is strong and can last forever.
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My daughter’s wisdom:

Love. Love is when you care. Love is strong and can last forever. For example: I love my mom.  Love is when you feel something strong for someone.  If you love someone you will try and keep them safe. Everyone in the family should love you. Love, Love, Love, Love. Love is a good feeling. Love can make you feel protected. Love is good. It is not bad. My mom and dad love me.

Written by Osunsade Simon, 7 y.o.


When do we stop believing in the magic of love? Is it the first time that we get hurt? The first time we realize that the experience of loving brings with it not just laughter, but tears?

This year I am rekindling my childish fascination with love. The way(s) it feels. The ways I feel when I act in Love. The Joy and absolute peace of Loving–without fear.
Original Source:Trodding Within

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