Milk! Milk! Milk!

The human animal is the only living creature that uses milk after it's been weaned off 'mother's milk'.
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I’m blowing my nose a lot more than I used to. I’ve started to use milk on a regular basis again. ‘What do the two have to do with each other?’ Dr. Watson might ask. As he wasn’t a medical doctor he wouldn’t have been aware of the fact that milk is second only to meat in its contribution of mucus matter in the human body.

Hence my runny nose. Even though I have been a professed lacto-vegetarian for almost four years now–meaning I can use fish, eggs and dairy products–I rarely indulged in the intake of any of these. I recently made some changes in my life however, and as a result, I’ve found myself using milk more and more. It’s more convenient after all. Then there’s the quick breakfast fix of bran flakes with–naturally–milk again. And as I’ve always been a lover of white bread, my sandwich lunches… well, need I say more?

For the first couple of months I noticed nothing different in my physical health. Now, however, several months later, my new eating habits are starting to kick in. I’m beginning to feel the consequences of my actions. I find myself having to constantly clear my nasal passages when before, even in bouts with the flu, I barely suffered nasal congestion. Now I am suffering from other symptoms as well. Take my menstrual cycle. There was a time when I had almost obliterated cramps and other such annoying and painful discomforts. For the last couple of month though, I have been—as they say—on the floor.

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There has been research performed by herbal medical practitioners linking cow’s milk to weak hearts and lack of vigour. In all honesty I can claim suffering from the latter these days.

The human animal is the only living creature that uses milk after it’s been weaned off ‘mother’s milk’. I know persons who suffered severe sinus problems for years and found amazing relief after giving up milk for a couple of months. My mother is a heart patient and after long convincing on my part, she opted to go the no milk way. Her doctors have commented on how well she’d been doing lately.

In all fairness, there are many benefits to milk, and these may for some outweigh the negatives involved in its useage. It’s always good to know both sides of the story and that’s merely what I’m seeking to do here. For long years I was ignorant of the ups and downs of milk intake but even though now I know the facts I still indulge in it when I feel it’s necessary.

Maybe my reasons for becoming a vegetarian were not only health-based but spiritually based as well; thus the lines will never be straight and firm as it might be for another. I recognise the need of my body for milk, but I still consider it a lapse on my part when I give into it.

That won’t make sense to some, but when I experience improvement in my physical form when I give up milk; when I’m not rolling around in agony at the end of every month; when I don’t have to blow my nose every hour or so, that’s when I can really appreciate what cutting down on my milk intake can do for me.

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Give it a try before you knock it.

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