Wavell Hinds: Man of the Moment

Hinds is a modern kind of man and he's looking for a woman with a mind
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Wavell Hinds is not exactly the reserved type. Just ask Wasim, Waquar, Razzaq, Saqlain and Mushtaq. The Pakistani bowling suffered a mauling from the buoyant 23-year-old batsman from Jamaica at Kensington Oval during the second test match of the series, as he amassed his maiden test century. Hinds couldn’t seem to hold himself back as he set about scoring a commanding 165. Neither did he hold himself back in this interview, for he is as lively in person as he has proven to be with the bat.

The always-smiling cutie hailing from St. Catherine is a fun-loving and easy-going type who enjoys playing football and partying. When he takes time to unwind, he does so by listening to music, mostly soul, reggae and R&B. He also enjoys calypso music, maybe due to the fact that he has spent quite a bit of time here in calypso-crazy Barbados when he was playing in our domestic league with the Carlton Club. Extrovert that he is, he has more than a few friends here. Some of Hinds’ Bajan posse actually stopped by while the interview was being conducted and hugs, jokes and laughter abounded.

However, don’t be fooled by his bubbly exterior. Hinds is not just a party boy, he also has his cerebral side. The well-spoken young man is a former student of the University of Technology in Jamaica, though he has not had much chance to apply his education, for cricket has absorbed his life.

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Educated and cute? Sounds like a tempting combination! Which raises the obvious question- does the brother with the Colgate smile have a girlfriend?

“About fifteen!” he joked, causing hilarious laughter among his friends. Join the line, sisters, but if you’re not ambitious, intelligent, trustworthy and independent, you might want to step out. Hinds is a modern kind of man and he’s looking for a woman with a mind. You don’t have to be cricket crazed though, that’s not one of his requirements, for he is fairly flexible. For example, for a first date: “It depends on what she likes.” he said.

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