Wake Up, God!

If our finding ourselves makes you mad then scratch your "colonial itch" and become glad.
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Wakey wakey rise and shine, Wakey wakey rise and shine. Wake up God. Time to rise and shine. Can’t you hear the alarm Gods? Wake up…

On the right you can see the pyramid of Khufu with the three subsidiary ‘Queens pyramids’ and Mastabas tombs. To the left is the pyramid of Khafra. In the foreground you can see the Sphinx temple (right) and the valley temple of Khafra.

In a time where many youth seem to have lost direction and I would like to impart some information that should help to awaken the God within you. One day I, out of curiosity, looked into the dictionary to see if I could find any information on Egyptian deities. I looked for Osirus, Isis, Horus and others and found nothing. When I looked for the word God and there it was endless information. No disrespect intended to my Christian brothers and sisters but it is high time that information about our ancient ancestors is made more easily accessible.

The libraries in the Caribbean are insult to black people. I visited the main library in Bridgetown seeking books on black history and was greeted with a blank expression as if I was asking for a Cuneiform tablet such as the Enuma Elish or the Gilgamesh Epics Records.

The librarian directed me to a small shelf located in the middle of the library where a handful of old outdated useless books were located. A library is a place where lies are buried and we intend to dig up the lies of these Eurocentric liars such as Hypocrates the hypocrite and all the other Greeks and Romans who stole our information claiming it as theirs.

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We will replace these lies with the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth and it will be done with or without your help. Those of you who screw up your face as you read this peace. If our finding ourselves makes you mad then scratch your “colonial itch” and become glad. You will not stop this because truth is truth and we will turn this mess around and reclaim our right to the throne as the children of the Allahum as the children of the Neteru or children of God to some.

We as a people are lost here in the west. To many of us who try going back to our roots the biggest problem which we face is finding the “Tree”. Many people say that they are going back to their roots and dress in elegant African garbs hiding their insecurities behind mispronounced African names oblivious of their true meaning. Taking on an African name does not eliminate the European slave mind, remember that.

The sincere among us who seek to know our past are often lead astray by misinterpreted books, which are twisted by archaeologist anthropologist and paleontologist with limited knowledge or our ancient information. Many racially prejudice European researchers have accused blacks of being something other than human. Africans have been termed prehistoric man by these racist, It is ironic to see that these people all agree that Africa is the cradle of civilization and the birthplace of human life. This information has been substantiated by findings such as Ethiopian woman circa 1.7 million years as well as findings in Uganda and in other places.

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If one were to go into any bible bookstore in Barbados a predominately black populated country all the books show a picture of a Caucasian Adam and Eve who they say were created 6000 to 10000 years ago by some God. Yet we have human remains in Africa dating back 5 million years.

In HIS_Story (History) they say that mankind (a kind of man) evolved from the monkey and when illustrated they show a gradual transformation form a Monkey bent over to an upright Human with long straight ape like hair. Homo-erectus. If one were to travel to Mali amount the Dogon tribe they will tell you stories of their ancestors who descended from the stars. The Dogons have taught many people for centuries and they possess knowledge of the Universe, Star formations and constellations without the aid of telescopes. The maps that the Dogons have are so accurate that modern day astronomers are astonished that they are as accurate as modern sky maps.

If one research the past of the ancient Egyptians one will see that they have stories of beings coming from the sky who they called Neteru. When one travels to Egypt it is obvious by the faces on the walls that the original Egyptians were black and later became pale due to invasion of Roams and Greeks .

When you go to Iraq which is ancient Babylon once called Ur of Chaldea you see the ancient Sumerians wall carvings of the beings they say came from the sky by way of the planet size ship NIBIRU (The planet that crosses the sky). When these beings are described they are describes as tall Dark with wooly OT Kingly hair and if the patriarch of the Hebrews (One who crosses over). Our beloved father Abraham was from Chaldea he too was also black. Even our Native American brothers speak of the beings coming from the sky which they called thunder birds or Kachina to the Yoruba–It is only when you come to the story of the Caucasians (Caucus – Asiatic) that you hear about a Neanderthal man, cave men and man evolving from apes. Some ascribe their origins to some man named Adam and a woman Eve some 6000 years ago and we have proof by stone, fossils, monuments, genes and footprints that we were on this planet millions of years ago yet tracing OUT dependency to the stars and possessing accurate star maps and Aerial earth drawings to substantiate these claims.

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