Beauty is her Name

...actually her name is Mpule Kwelagobe.
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Well, actually her name is , the 1999 Ms. Universe, who proved that beauty is sometimes not just skin deep. She was in Barbados recently, along with a coterie of industry-proven ‘beautiful people’ as a special guest for the 2001 Cargo Man Show, titled CargoMania. The gracious and friendly twenty-one year old woman let us in on what she’s been doing and where she’s been since the moment that changed her life two years ago in Trinidad.

Reporter: Are you on vacation here in the Caribbean?

M.K. : I would like to think of it as a vacation, but I’m actually here as a special guest for the Cargo Show.

Reporter: How many times have you been back here since you won in ’99?

M.K. : Well, this is my first time in Barbados, but I’ve been in the Caribbean quite a lot of times.

Reporter: Which islands have you been to?

M.K. : Oh, I’ve been to, what, in the past two years, I’ve been to Jamaica twice, Trinidad three times, Cayman Islands, Turks and Caicos and now Barbados. So I’ve actually seen quite a bit of the Caribbean.

Reporter: Do you have a favourite island?

M.K. : No, I don’t think you should have a favourite country in the world. I think each place is appreciated for something. There’s beauty in every place that you go to.

Reporter: So what are you doing right now, career-wise?

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M.K. : I’m modelling full-time in New York, I’m a spokesmodel for Clairol, I’m a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations. I am finishing my first semester of acting school … planning from next year to go back to proper university to get a degree in International Political Economy and I’m running my own foundation which I’m running from Botswana of course, so I do a lot of work as well on behalf of my foundation … I just had a very big event with Mr. Mandela in Botswana…

Reporter: What is the purpose of the foundation, if I may ask?

M.K. : HIV/AIDS funding, funding for young people particularly because my whole specialisation within the U.N. is with young people.

Reporter: Ok, thank you very much.

M.K. : Thank you.

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