Fete Fret

Here are a few of what I call my 'fete-pet-peeves'
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Maybe I’m miserable, I don’t know. But there are some little things which really irk me when I go out to a fete to enjoy myself. Before I actually get there, I’m always hyped up and ready to ‘do the dog!’ But minutes after I enter the fete gates, my excitement gradually dwindles due to those little problems which make my blood boil.

Here are a few of what I call my ‘fete-pet-peeves’:

  • Sweaty people who are unfamiliar with the word deodorant.
  • Unmannerly people who bounce you or step on your toes without even as much as a”sorry”.
  • Bold people who come to shelter under your umbrella without asking, and breathing heavily in your face. (Why can’t they walk with an umbrella too?) Entertainers who drag on with their performances, not realising that the crowd has completely tuned out (B.O.R.I.N.G.) Aggressive people who start fights for no valid reason. (Can’t we all just get along?) MC’s who tell corny or stale jokes.
  • Entertainers slated to perform but who never actually do.
  • Strange men who come and stick on to your bumper. (“Excuse me, but do I even know you?”)
  • Cigarette and marijuana smokers who take pleasure in exhaling their putrid-smelling smoke in your direction.
  • Drivers who park their cars and block you in. (And it so happens that these people are always the very last to leave the fete.)
  • Realising that you have not got your hard-earned money’s worth after the fete has ended. (How could you though, when you’re so peeved at all the above?)
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Am I the only one who gets upset at these things? I think I’m probably blighted because I’m normally a victim of these things almost every time I go feting. And oh, not to mention my aching feet when I get home! Then, I tell myself, “Who me? Not another fete,” but being a masochist, I end up at another one just to endure the same thing all over again. What can I say, maybe I just live for complaining.

Those of you who are guilty of doing the above things, could you maybe try at least to have just a little consideration? I know you only want to enjoy yourself, but please, have a heart!

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