Psuedo Freedom: Culture slaves

The physical chains have been removed but many of us are still slaves mentally and socio-economically. Physical slavery has been abolished on paper, but the harshness of reality it...
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The physical chains have been removed but many of us are still slaves mentally and socio-economically. Physical slavery has been abolished on paper, but the harshness of reality it is still present in everyday life for most black people. Simple things like the way we dress, talk and go about our daily tasks are indicative of a people in bondage.

One of our noted herbalists Dr. Imhotep Llaila Africa while conducting a series of lectures in Barbados in 1999 made a very profound statement, which can be clearly applied to our present situation. He said that only a slave is not free to practice his culture at all times and in all places. When one examines our present plight it is clear that we are still very much enslaved.

Hindus working in many business places and institutions are allowed to wear their traditional garbs and headdress to work. It is acceptable for Asian females of the Muslim faith to wear nose rings to work. If a Nubian princess turns up to an interview with a nose ring, her own black brother or sister conducting the interview will give her a hard time and may go as far a to insist that it be removed for her to be considered for the job.

On several occasions one can witness Caucasian males in so called respectable jobs with pony tale hairstyles or shoulder length hair. Nothing is said about this but if a strong black brother who is conscious of his culture decides to come to work with his hair braided like that of the Olmecs one of our ancient black ancestors who existed in America approx 1500 years before the Jesus of 2000 years ago. What happens? I will tell you what happens. The black boss will look at him and say “Don’t come back to my job with your hair like that! Get a hair cut!”

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This and many more were part of our ancient African traditions from the wearing of the nose ring to the wearing of head coverings braiding of hair and traditional garbs. But In the few examples given it is clear that in this system we have to submit to someone else’s culture because we can not practice ours freely. We now have to submit to someone elseâs definition of neat and tidy to be accepted, and these practices are alien to us as an ancient people. So you are still enslaved

Restricted Movement

I once heard a saying that warmed my heart like none other. It originated from the teachings of the Honorable Elijah Mohamed. When his followers asked him who we were he replied. We are the makers, the owners, the cream of the planet earth, fathers of civilization and god of the universe. Science proves that we as Black people were on the planet first. No debate. Despite this we are now at the bottom of the social ladder in every part of the planet where we are found.

Many of our people profess how much better things are now, as opposed to before. But how can you boast that you are free and yet you are not free to move about? This is void of logic. Such a conclusion is mainly due to the fact that many Nubian people ignore the facts that are all around them.

In days of slavery each island had several different plantations and the slaves were not allowed to leave the plantations at will. If they were found wandering outside the plantation they would be captured tortured and beaten. Well, what is happening today is the very same thing. Slavery on the plantation has been abolished, but now each island has become a separate plantation, and if you are found wondering outside your plantation ( Island) without proper permission (VISA) you will be captured beaten and returned to your plantation to serve your life sentence after being ãblack listedä by the immigration and your travel would be further restricted.

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Do you realy believe that you have to go and beg them for a VISA. Just think about that for a minute. You have to go and ask please Mr. Master can I travel to London Please massa please. Please Sir can I have permission to go home to Africa. Even if master decides to grant you permission to leave his plantation ( The Island) to travel to London or the USA, if you stay in the country beyond the time Massa allowed. You are called an illegal alien and hunted by the immigration officers. The same way the slaves who escaped from the plantations were hunted with dogs and men on horse back.

Imagine that they call us illegal aliens– then they say that an alien is a creature from another planet. So subliminally they are saying that we do not belong here. That is ridiculous when the oldest human bones on the planet are of African stock even in Europe the oldest human remains are African. The oldest evidence they have of people existing in what is now falsely called America are the Olmecs who existed in America 1500 years before Jesus of 2000 years ago. These people have big noses big lips and nappy hair there are several colossal stone heads found in La Venta which are a living testament of our existence in America before the Caucasian families arrived and violated us.

Isn’t that amazing, they say that an alien is a creature from outer space. We are indigenous to every part of the planet earth yet the youngest race who can not even prove their origins by facts refer to us a aliens isn’t that amassing.

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They have this system so well set up that they can travel freely from country to country and stay as long as they wish but we on the other hand do not have this privilege. If this is considered carefully one will see that the illusion of freedom has been so subtly sneaked into our subconscious that people are not even aware of it. The blacks who reside in places like Britain who possess British passports sometimes feel better that their black brothers in the Caribbean who can not move freely but what they do not realize that this system was not intended for them they only got those passports by default because they were descendents of British slaves or are relatives of blacks who left the Caribbean in the sixties and seventies to seek a better life in England. But this was intended for the old colonial slave masters to allow them to travel to any part of the world stay as long as they like trample everyone’s rights then run back home to England, France or Spain.

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