2013: We made it to a new year. Give thanks for Life.

As I step into the new cycle, I am doing so with a smile.
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As I step into the new cycle, I am doing so with a smile. I am doing so with a sense of Peace and Joy and Purpose. I am doing so giving thanks to the Divine One, God, for blessing me so richly.

I encounter Beauty daily. I am familiar with her face.

My child sings when no-one is watching, and when they are. She has a mind that amazes. God bestowed Life’s richest blessings upon me by sending her into this world through me.  My thanks run deep and spring eternal.

I am loved, cared for and supported by an amazing man and an amazing woman…my parents. After the pain and anger and resentment that can become a part of Life, I have reached a point in my life where I am left with only the Love and the Appreciation. I give thanks.

My friends are constant and True, and many have brought me an array of amazing babies who I love….deeply. I am blessed to walk, run, laugh, eat and drink with these women and men. They are stellar creations. For them I am thankful.

I am surrounded by a legion of amazing manifestations of the Divine. Really awe-inspiring. Even those with whom my relationships have been fractured amaze Me. I am comforted in the knowledge and certainty that my daughter is encircled by people who will love and guide Her, from a father who is an excellent example of commitment and care and manhood to little friends/family with whom she prays before eating. What a blessing…My thanks are immense.

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I have done work that I can be proud of. I have met and shared life with wonderful people that I would otherwise have never known. Boundaries like borders, class and colour would keep us existing in separate worlds…only vaguely aware of each other. My work has shown us that beyond our noses, other realities exist. Thank You.

I am able to move, to dance, to laugh, to read, to sit, to stand, to love, to learn, to grow, to fast, to think, to pray, to drive, to sleep, to wake up, to kiss, to steupse, to hug, to listen, to know. I have Life’s richest blessings within my grasp. I am Thankful for that. Very.

I am thankful. For all that exists and all that is on its way, I give thanks.

May 2013 be a year of Joy…Understanding…Growth…Patience…Obedience…Faith and Peace.

With Love…

Original Source:Trodding Within

Trodding Within