Why Janeway is More ‘Kirk’ than Kirk

I love Captain Janeway. I maintain, and will continue to do so, that she is the best captain across the entire franchise....
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20131210-190643.jpgI’ve been obsessively watching Star Trek: Voyager since the show first aired, and of all the incarnations, it remains my favourite Star Trek. Let me tell you why.

I love Captain Janeway. I maintain, and will continue to do so, that she is the best captain across the entire franchise.

Oh yes, they say Kirk is the best… And yes, he is/was a brashy, cocky, lucky SOB, charismatic and while he was an explorer extraordinaire he explored and lived within known Star Trek universe space.

Janeway had no such luxury. She was tossed on the other end of the Unknown Star Trek Universe, and drew a line from where she landed and the Alpha Quadrant and crossed it with few allies and pretty much just her crew in most cases. Picard may have tangled with the Borg, but no one so thoroughly pissed in their eye like Janeway did, and I am not even counting the recovery of Seven of Nine.

That she is a woman is incidental to the compelling storylines on the show and her utter commitment to their goal… Janeway is just a ballsy chick and I love the way she literally cuts the ass of everyone who flies up at her. I mean this sister tangled with the only known ‘beast’ (Species 8742).

I never get tired of rewatching this show, but I am utterly incapable of sitting through more than an episode or two of any of the others. I find the show resonates more deeply with me than any of the other shows, and rewatching it–all seven seasons in sequence–never gets boring to me.

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Crazy thing is, you can’t find much more than The Next Generation regularly in syndication. TNG is all over cable, but I haven’t seen Voyager on cable in… I can’t actually ever remember watching it in syndication since it stopped airing.

Anyway, when it comes to sheer grit and determination, I give Janeway all the props over Kirk and that’s why she is the best Star Fleet captain, and more ‘Kirk’ than Kirk.


N'delamiko Bey (formerly Lord), is a writer, journalist and former Associate Editor for The Trinidad Guardian and a twenty year web development veteran. Her writing has been published in newspapers and magazines across the region, as well as in CAPE textbooks. She is The Sunhead Project's founder and Publishing Editor.
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