Mr Murdcock, You Sure Do Know How To Clock

Never have I been so glad to still have my Netflix subscription.
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I am close to the end of a binge watch of Daredevil (months after its initial release and the buzz all over my timeline about it). Never have I been so glad to still have my Netflix subscription. I’ve not always been able to maintain it, but I try to so my son has something to watch. There are several shows he loves and follows on there.

I hardly watch it myself, but discovered Marvel’s Daredevil, and from the moment I saw Vincent D’Onofrio’s name pop up in the credits, I knew: Kingpin—and immediately sussed this was going to be a good watch. Even the opening sequence is great.

Although several Netflix originals have been creating noise out there, I have been a habitual television non-watcher for so many years, and almost not at all since Battlestar Galactica went off the air five years ago, I haven’t been really tempted by anything new. I am also not impressed by more than half of what I watch.

This shows is amazing. Well written… so true to the original comics which I always thought of as dark and grim, almost unbearingly grim. Yes, yes… I show my fangirl roots, but Daredevil was always my personal favourite. More than any of the others, I devoured Daredevil and was completely absorbed in the Kingpin/Murdock/Fisk/Daredevil dichotomy (or whatever you want to call it).

I do hope somewhere there is an Elektra in this show’s story arc, but the storyline with Claire is wonderful as well too. I’m still hoping for an appearance by Elektra somewhere up ahead. I’m sure this show has a long life and will explore much territory. It’s too good, and all the buzz I was hearing is clearly well deserved. Here’s to some solid seasons.

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Charlie Cox’s nuanced performance, and D’Onoforio’s bulk, coupled with a fantastic supporting cast, make this story a pleasure to watch unfold.

Plus, Episode 2’s final fight sequence was a phenomenal piece of choreography and cinematography. Literally, ‘TIGHT’ and unforgettable green… then red. Ahh, love it.

I’ve been watching more ‘television’ in the last month or so than I have in the last five years, “Game of Thrones” and “Sons of Anarchy” excepted.

This show made me write about the experience, because for me, it and Mr. Robot are becoming addictive.

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N'delamiko Bey (formerly Lord), is a writer, journalist and former Associate Editor for The Trinidad Guardian and a twenty year web development veteran. Her writing has been published in newspapers and magazines across the region, as well as in CAPE textbooks. She is The Sunhead Project's founder and Publishing Editor.
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