VIDEO: Staying Inspired & Following Through: Suggestions from a Creative

Suggestions from a Creative
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Staying inspired is always a task for creatives. Our work takes a lot out of us. To interpret a vision in our head as best as possible and try to recreate it into something tangible that an onlooker/viewer can see with their own eyes and in some cases touch is no small task. However what happens when you are out of ideas or encounter that dreaded creative block? It is like being in limbo, in a space where inspiration is figuratively circling the drain. How does one break free of that space or prevent it from happening?

I have been in this suffocating uninspired space before and felt like I was in a huge rut. However with experience and reflection I realize there are things I can do to keep me inspired and excited about my art and business.
Before we go any further I want to remind you this is my personal experience. We are all individuals and what may work for me may not work entirely for you, but I do believe that I have some helpful points to share and look forward to opening up this discussion to all you creatives out there.
Be Aware
Many artists/creatives have been called dreamers; trust me this is a compliment to us. Sometimes we may literally just sit and daydream or ‘tune out’. In our mind when this happens we are actually ‘tuning in’. I try to be aware of what’s happening around me; be it a beautiful sunset, a particular colour combination in a flower or how a specific song makes me feel. Be aware of the little things. I am not a neurological expert, but what I do know is when you make those conscious impressions on your brain it gives your creative energy something to feed on or draw from. You never know when something you take note of will serve you well.
While we take notice of certain things that we may find beautiful, interesting or inspiring it is pivotal that we not rely solely on our own memory. This is an area quite a few of us lack in. We must record in some way when we are inspired whether it is by writing, voice recording or even video. What triggered this? Why? How did it make you feel? Be as sensory as possible. Documenting as much information as possible makes it easier to recreate this inspiration later. It helps our brain to relive that moment more clearly.
Be Organized
When you have decided what you want to create with the inspiration you have and also recorded, go on to set time lines for development and deadlines for completion. This gives our vision some focus. No matter what we are embarking on having these goals in place is very important so we know what we are working towards.
Be Kind to Yourself
We can always find something we could have improved on. Being overly critical of our own work just comes with the territory but try hard to fight against that. Note points to focus on improving on for future projects and move forward. When you have finished your project, admire your work and be proud of it. It is a manifestation that just started with a feeling and that is something amazing.
There you have it folks! Applying these four things have helped me to keep my creative engine fueled and also follow through on inspiration. It has also helped with anxiety regarding work and various projects. It is a beautiful world out there and we have the wonderful opportunity to ‘tune in’ and interpret that in our own unique ways.

What keeps you inspired? Any tips for us? Looking forward to your comments!

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