Fall 2015 Beauty Round Up!

I am so excited to bring to you Beauties some of my favorite picks for Fall 2015! Lucinda Robinson of Moden Makeup is a huge nail polish aficionado so...
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I am so excited to bring to you Beauties some of my favorite picks for Fall 2015! Lucinda Robinson of Moden Makeup is a huge nail polish aficionado so it would be a crime not to have her collaborate and let you Beauties know her top nail polishes for Fall. We also have a makeup tutorial and the latest in lingerie from Adore me. Let’s get right into this!

Top Five Fall Polish Shades
I know we don’t experience Fall in Barbados but you know I’m a fan of vampy lips and cooler weather. So when Dee asked me to do this collab I thought it was great idea. #TeamModenreaders know I love dark manicures; emphasis on manicure since I rarely wear dark shades on my toes. Anyways, enough with the backdrop – you came here for polish.


If you follow the nail polish collection trends, metallics are big every Fall. ‘Coin Flip’ has the advantage of being a pretty universal shade with ridiculously high shine. The absolute best thing about this range is that it’s inexpensive and readily available in Barbados. I got this from Collins.

Essie ‘Armed and Ready’

This dark green is giving a hint of somethin’ somethin’ with its gold micro shimmer that runs throughout. My current swatch doesn’t even do it justice; you gotta check out this manicure in the sun here. Essie polishes are also easy to get your hands on.


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Orly ‘Coffee Break’
I’m a big fan of the Orly polish formula though I only have a hand full of them in my collection. ‘Coffee Break’ is a favourite because it’s a perfect nude for my complexion…and nude manicures are good in any season. I amped this one up by sealing it with O.P.I’s Matte top coat. Something about a flat, no shine finish to this manicure just makes it look even more sophisticated. Orly polishes can be found in iMart locations island wide.

Clinique A Different Nail Enamel ‘Black Honey’

The most infamous shade in all of Clinique’s history is ‘Black Honey’. I don’t know why but everything they make in this shade is just a fan favourite. This nail polish line is marketed as better for sensitive skins…I don’t know about all of that but what I do know is that the shine pay off on this polish is amazing! These retail for $42BDS in Cave Shepherd so I was initially a little sceptical but after the first coat I was a believer. Dark reds are also ever present in popular Fall nail polish collection releases. This shade stains so please use a good base coat.


RGB Cosmetics ‘Cobalt’
I saved the most expensive for last. RGB Cosmetics prides itself on being a ‘5 free’ nail polish brand. Available exclusively from Pure Source Barbados, they retail for $54BDS. Before you run for the hills check out the picture; that’s three coats with no top coat. ‘Cobalt’ is an inky blue that can stain your nails so wear a good base coat. If you prefer metallic formulas check out ‘Sea’ from this brand.
Be sure to let me know your favourite Fall shades are in the comments. I know I didn’t mention any burnt oranges so if you know of one you think I should check out fill me in.


Last but certainly not least, the brand new lingerie sets from Adore me! When they sent me photos of their Fall 2015 collection I fell in love with these dark emerald green sets.
This rich colour coupled with exquisite lace is a must have for any of you Beauties to add to your collection. Simply head on over to Adoreme.com to view their collection.


Be sure to let us know what your favorite cosmetics, accessories and trends are for Fall 2015!

Curated via: Beauty by Dee Blackett


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