Art Exhibition: “Renée Cox: An Intimate Retrospective”

Jamaican artist Renée Cox's photo exhibition stirs up emotions and forces one to think about our precepts.
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“Renée Cox: An Intimate Retrospective” includes works from two series: Raje in 1998 and Queen Nanny of the Maroons in 2002, as well as the iconic and famous work, Yo Mamma Last Supper of 1999. In these three photographic ensembles, in the line of post-modern , the artist takes the stage through fictional self-portraits. Her attachment to her native island is perceptible, since Raje wears a leotard the colors of the Jamaican flag and Queen Nanny is a national hero of , whose image is on the local currency.

Renée Cox, born in Colgate, Jamaica, in the sixties, is one of the most influential and well-known artists of her generation, although her work has been much critiqued especially in the beginning. Before the radical evolution of her photographic practice in 2014 with the surprising series of human kaleidoscopes, Renée Cox has assumed the borrowed personality of characters—for example, super-heroines, fictitious or real—to address issues of power, race, politics, and feminism and to challenge stereotypes related to the representation of African-American women. She seeks both to empower and also to get to know herself better.

AICA Caraïbe du Sud recently announced the exhibition « Renée Cox—An Intimate Retrospective » at the Tropiques Atrium Scène Nationale (André Arsenec Room), located at 6 rue Jacques Cazotte, Fort-de-France, Martinique. The exhibition runs from November 4 through November 30, 2015. [See full review by Dominique Brebion in the link below:

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