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NYU Students, OSHUN Will Carry Erykah Badu’s Neo-Soul Legacy
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How does a need for a cultural and spiritual revolution manifest itself in your life?

NS: We can only first focus on ourselves, and that is something that’s lot easier said than done. People get offended sometimes when you say that, like, “What you mean focus inside, how I’m gonna focus on myself when they killing us outside?”—that’s true, and valid but you have to understand that, “as above, so below”. Anything happening externally is a reflection of something that happens internally for you. So all of these things that are out of balance, or out of whack around us, can be tools to show us the things we need to focus on and solve for ourselves. I can’t tell you how to cultivate yourself because it’s different for everybody.

T: And this is why we also are just so adamant about representing a specific culture that comes from where our ancestors are from. Culture is the key to finding yourself, both as an individual and as a collective. Just holding on to those things that one have been hidden from us, especially as black people, is so important. We barely know our history, as those things haven’t been accessible to us systematically and I think that is a major problem. Us just finding ourselves reminds us where we come from, and reminds us of our power.

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Thandiwe, hailing out of and Niambi Sala, best friends who grew up together in Maryland, are giving us a return to ‘neo-soul’ with a strong Afro-Caribbean heartbeat.

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Born around the time that neo-soul was giving us the brilliance of D’Angelo, Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott, these young women are channelling a spirit we thought was gone from .

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