What the f*** happened to Noor?

Hell hath frozen over...
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What's This?

I open a Facebook Private Message from a friend who- let’s face is- is one bitch!

This person has been very honest about their feelings regarding Noor’s work, and has even posted some quite nasty comments about it! Not one to ever put water in mouth, this person brings me joy and much comic relief in a world of pretenders (no matter how evil they can be sometimes). So you can imagine my shock and intrigue when they sent me this:

“Ok lemme just admit this once and never repeat it again:

I love EVERY piece of Baithak!”

Hell hath frozen over.

I missed the show because I was preparing for a photo-shoot! I was so disappointed because I wanted to sit on the cushions Baithak style! I was so looking forward to seeing this theme play out! You know how I hate fashion shows, but I feel like Noor’s team really puts effort into their presentations. From the cool Casino setting of the last one, to now this low-seated gathering around the runway. #StillToting.

I was finally able to see the Collection on Noor’s Facebook page. The photographer seemed to be having some lighting issues, so I know I am not getting the full impact from these images, but nonetheless, I now know what the fuss is about. Baithak is the best work I have seen from Noor EVER. I don’t know what happened between Boudoir and now, but please, keep happening!

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I always longed for the designer to embrace draping and excess. At the boutique are elaborately embellished shoes, muti-coloured fringe belts and  other overwhelmingly decorated accessories. For me, that is the Noor I have always wanted to see. I wanted to see more of Pakistan. I wanted to see a mesh and muddling of patchwork and tiny glittering mirrors. I wanted to see new silhouettes be discovered and styling that only a well-versed desi could think of. It’s like she read my mind.

Baithak showed us that Noor does have it in her. Since her Thesis Collection at CAFD, I have been waiting to see her manipulate materials and combine bright complex prints as I know she could. Finally I can see a story. Baithak speaks so clearly to the Noor girl. It is almost like a rebirth! For me, Noor started over with Baithak. She has found herself again, staying true to the decadence and intricacy of the ethnic influences in her craft. The palette is rich like vibrant jewels, hugged by smooth charmeuse and bold metallic trims. The inclusion of a primary colour checker-board print and the tribal patterns is a fantastic display of prowess in this type of design. I am so thrilled. There is hope for us after all! Keep pushing, Noor. I want to see more and more!






Makeup by Kirk Thomas for Revlon
Hair by Glam
Photography by Mark Romany

Source: What the f*** happened to Noor? | From Trinidad, With Style.

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