Black Male Supremacy and Smiling Mammies

Black women who talk about black women having more advantages than black men have simply become accustom to their own pain and suffering.
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Black women who talk about black women having more advantages than black men; who talk about the black man being the most abused being on the planet, have simply become accustom to their own pain and suffering.


They have willingly cast themselves as the Smiling Mammy Archetype.

The pain and heartbreak that they suffer at the hands of their sons, their fathers, their uncles, their brothers and their mates has become second nature. Many don’t realize that their pain and suffering is hidden beneath news articles and an abundance of concern for black men.

Tens of thousands of them missing and abused, yet their dead carcasses lay buried beneath their desperation for black male validation as they trample over other women and issues surrounding us, just so they can perform and rehearse for men.

More and more, you’ll see these modern day mammies surfacing with their message of “support, coddle, and protect the black male image”. They construct posts and videos talking about how much better the black woman has it than the black man and how we need to unite with more of them.

Well, it’s kind of hard to unite with people who have abandoned you and your children, called you bitches and hoes continuously, beat the hell out of and disregard you consistently.

You can only get me to believe that they’re doing this because of white men for so long before I begin to call “bullshit”!

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So you mean to tell me that black men can use the white man as an excuse for his mistreatment of black women, yet black women can’t use his mistreatment of them as a reason for not breaking their necks to support them?

You mammies are sicker and more confused than I thought. How are you making posts and videos geared toward me, when only men show up to sing your praises?

Black women have laundry lists of things to do when it comes to keeping the black man from feeling like a woman:

  • Suck his penis regularly.
  • Take on the worst and turn him into the best.
  • Feed him before your children so that he’ll feel appreciated.
  • Give him the biggest piece of chicken so that he’ll feel like a man.
  • Listen to his problems.
  • Massage his nuts.
  • Never call the police on him even if he deserves it.
  • Take responsibility for any and all of his bad behavior.


Remember, Dwight Man made him do it so give him passes.

Within lists such as these, what you will never see is any room for the development of a healthy mental state or happiness for black women. After all our chores are complete, a protective and respectful black man who is ready to marry us and be responsible for his children is supposed to magically appear.

Tell that to all the supportive black women who have actually carried black men in almost the same fashion as the mothers who birthed them did. Tell that to all the supportive black women who were later beaten, murdered, robbed, betrayed, cheated on, and straight up abandoned. Tell every good cooking church or mosque woman still without a man, that all they need to know how to do is cook, clean, and support in order to secure a good man.

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I’m telling you that black women are and have been under attack by the very same men who are supposed to be in the same struggle. Black men are not void of support from black women. That’s complete and absolute bullshit. There’s a mammy around every corner. Just take a look at all these babies and the women we can’t believe reproduced with these fools.

Some of us are those women that people can’t believe reproduced with these fools. To take on a man with little to absolutely nothing, endure his bullshit, and still defend his honor although he really has none, is about as supportive as it gets.

All the women who refuse to press charges in order to protect these fools, who move niggas in with their mothers, who move niggas into their homes, who accept children made via infidelity, who pick up extra hours because he lost his job, who stand up in court on behalf of sons they know ain’t shit.

The black woman has supported herself into an early grave, into the the crazy house, and into major DEBT! The real question is, where’s the reciprocity? Oh, that’s right. We can’t expect that because we chose them.
Also because we have the advantage of the largest welfare payouts, although black men are on welfare as well. Many of us are left as custodial parents and we get the largest food stamp grants. Yeah, what an advantage.
You smiling mammies are something else.
As I’ve said before, the black women and child have no allies. Not even other black women. By the way: Any black woman looking for a viable means of support and understanding within the Pro Black Movement had may as well load her own gun and kill herself.
Not only do the men not give a fuck, but they’re training women to be male identified, masculine attack dogs who don’t give a fuck about you/us either.

Just a bit of FYI.

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Black Women must Divest

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