Company Rescinds Job Offer Once They Learn Woman Wears Braids

It’s hard being a Black woman.
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It’s hard being a Black woman. Not only are our beauty standards often neglected from mainstream images, they’re shunned in the real world as well. There have many numerous stories of the ways in which Black hair and Black hair styles have been derided and even dismissed from schools to corporate arenas.

All of it is discrimination.

And as much news coverage as these discriminatory actions have received, they’re still happening all over the country.

The most recent example is Lara Odoffin.

Odoffin is a Bournemouth University graduate. Like most recent graduates she was attempting to secure a job. And luckily she did just that. But once her potential employer saw that Odoffin wore braids, they rescinded the offer.

She posted the e-mail they sent to her asking her to remove her braids or lose the opportunity to work with the company.

Source: Facebook

Odoffin is a class act and said, in another Facebook post, that she’s not currently naming the company because she does not intend to distort someones livelihood and business. She also doesn’t want a lawsuit.

She did say that she recognizes the opportunity she’s been given to expose and potentially correct an issue of ignorance and discrimination. So, it might be something she considers in the future.

We’re certainly hoping she gets to that point. The company will have no incentive to change unless their livelihood and business are being threatened and they see the social and even legal error of their ways.


Have you ever been discriminated against at work because of the way you work your hair?

Source: Company Rescinds Job Offer Once They Learn Woman Wears Braids


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