Dear Mister Too Damn Fine

Lately, I've been fantasizing about your hands hugging the curved lines of my behind...
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You’ve been on my mind lately

Lately, I’ve been fantasizing about your hands hugging the curved lines of my behind
Cruising over the smooth surface that meet at the Junction
Where my bodily functions
Erupt like hot fudge dripping on a sundae
Man Crush Monday
Week after week
I find it hard to speak in your presence
I’m intoxicated by the scent of your cologne
You touch me and I can’t contain the moan
That escapes from my lips
Your kiss so potent it damn near drips
Thick with passion
Like an addict searching for the next fix
For a long time I wanted this
And now it’s mine
Dear Mister Too Damn Fine
I think about our legs intertwined
Twisted like the strands holding together time
And in time we fall into tidal motions
Riding on the waves of every bit of our emotions
Surfing and coasting
Navigate through the depths of my ocean
Then float your way down as the water falls
Cascading down my velvet soft walls
The taste of my strawberry
Mixed with liquor
The scent of love in the air couldn’t get any thicker
As the sweat starts to evaporate, I shiver
A sense of calm settles my mind
You really are too damn fine…

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Talented in every sense of the word, Bianca N. Agard has taken the world of poetry by storm. With witty punchlines and intimate glimpses of her vulnerable side, she has captivated her audiences with every stroke of her pen. Now she brings her work to you in eloquent poetic expression.
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