Enter The Passion – Who Am I?

"I have the power of the heart ...."
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I wield the power of the heart
But don’t u start thinking of
Captain Planet
Far from it
Words slice illusion
With surgical precision
Lyrical lightsabers twist
Like fighting samurai

and I….?

I am a Jedi –

wielding the power of the Force

But this isn’t the side of dark or light
Ya site?
My might comes from wielding emotions
Flinging lyrics like potions
Making you sigh as my words get u high
Or wet as I get you to cum
To the conclusion
That my words were the intrusion
That made you weak kneed ….

My friend…


Passion’s power isn’t always sex
Sometimes I get vexed
Releasing word streams so potent
They render evil impotent
Tongue-lashing injustice
Destroying discrimination
Fighting evil when I see it in the nation
(And not the newspaper…)

My words cater to every emotion
From grief to love to pure seduction
Every syllabIe designed for maximum reaction

Who am I?

I am emotion, I am fire
I am devotion, I am desire…


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  • PassionPoet
    10 December 2015 at 7:59 pm
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    Wait where the poem gone … lol

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