How To Burn Down Rome: A Thinking Person’s Non-Tutorial

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What's This?

Discussions on race, having been engaged in them from a very early age because of my parents and their proclivities, have become so frustrating, I often avoid them now.

It’s not because we should be discussing slavery, and the shitty ass white cops in developed countries and the corrupt cops in the ‘third world’ countries. It’s not because we shouldn’t be discussing policy and education and fighting mass media imagery. It’s not that we shouldn’t be discussing racism and picking it apart, dismantling it.

No it’s not that. These are neccessary discussions, and I am not one advocating ‘getting over’ anything. That’s what people say to rape survivors, and it’s one of the most heartless things you CAN say to a rape survivor.

No I get frustrated, because the bulk of the conversation is still happening inside the box. We’re still colouring within the lines we’re allowed by the system and pretending that this is what this discussion is really about, just the here and now and the last two or three hundred years.

Yet, we didn’t start the fire. It was always burning, since the world was turning. (Big up Billy Joel!)

The discussions are all within the parameters of The Matrix we’re using:

  • Christopher Columbus (by divine inspiration, like the virgin birth) discovered America,
  • Stolen from Africa, brought to America. Dreadlock rasta! Buffalo Soldier. (Big up Bob!)

For most of us, that’s the whole story right there. All the other colours in the painting are missing. It is a fabric made of rough weave that chafes the skin, but it’s what we have and most of us working with that.

This is why I get real pissed off with these discussions. They are almost always one dimensional and intellectual and emotional and spiritual cop outs.


There’s no black. There’s no white. There is no yellow. There is no red. There are only people with various shades of pigmentation and nationalities with regional dialects.

Scientifically, every one of us came out of the belly of one African woman. Our genetic material leads straight back to her and despite attempts to disprove this, the evidence not only remains true but becomes clearer with every additional year of study since this was scientifically proven. I am not making it up, Google is your friend. The Black Woman is God.

‘White people’ are pale ‘black people’. Chinese, Slovakian, Inuit, Hopi, Aino, Salmandese, Somali, Washipo, Ethiopian, Washitaw, Maroon, Taino, Yoruba, Lokono, San, Zulu, Ibo, Kikuyi, Ankara, Dogon, Celt, Cherokee, Saxon, Shoshone, Welsh, Teuton, Pict, Mapuchi, Persian…


Colourism is what has us thinking we’re different. Racism is the fucking institution holding the edifice in place and white supremacy is the collective madness informing it all.

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This idea of ‘racism’ really only began at the end of the Middle Ages, with the expulsion of the Moors from Europe. It was based on a rabid nationalism that began in the Iberian peninsula and spread throughout Europe. Drunk with their successful cutting off their nose to spite their faces, this was when Europe began to colonise the west (with Moorish maps and navigators) and hence the formal institutionalisation of ‘racism’ and the whole structure.

Genetically, there is almost no difference between us, other than ‘lightness, brightness and whiteness’ being a lack of pigmentation. It’s a genetic unusuality to have light skin. All of the parameters we’re using are largely artificial, and in some cases outright revisionist history.

So let’s change up these parameters:

  1. All of us are ‘black’. Yes white people, you’re coming too. You showed ya whole pooch, but we not leaving you: all-o-we = all-o-we, and all-o-we is ghetto people (Big up a yute like Chronixx),
  2. African civilisations arrived long before anyone else,
  3. Columbus did little more than discover his dick to rape little Taino girls, and well mamaguy some gold to go get some gold. Lets get over Columbus, and pray the made-up-devil is really raping him somewhere. #FuckColumbus
  4. These divisions are tools of the rich to control the poor, but it all has a spiritual and emotional foundation,

Remove the millions and the billions and all the people that ever were for a moment.

Let’s think about this as one family. One Mama and one Dada and one popo. It’s easier to do this way.

They produce an albino child, their first popo, and the first albino they have ever seen.

Albinos in Africa, have been historically vilified and rejected, despite being born to TWO parents deeply and richly possessed of melanin. If they are not rejected, they are hunted, killed or maimed for their body parts, as their genetic material is used in dark magic and their flesh is sold for exorbitant sums for nefarious material accomplishments.

The same pure dark-skinned parents drove this child out into the world to fend for herself, carrying her genetic material and pain, hatred and a need for both validation and revenge. Stored in her genetic memory is that rejection, and it’s a genetic memory being played over and over. One she cannot get over or recover from. Instead of surviving and reflecting love, she survives and hates and teaches her offpring to hate.
Ok. Expand this to now include all-o-we. This is not a true story of course. It is the eye of my imagination opening to encompass not just the problem but its source and solution.

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Are we responsible for our collective ‘white problem’? Because if my metaphor can be thought of as correct and true–and of course there is no evidence, it just ‘feels true’ to me and is certainly as good an explanation as any other–then aren’t we all responsible for the way this all has turned out?

Scientists have also discovered that ‘whiteness’ is just a form of albinism, which means there are no races, just humans, so this is a story. A human story, and it’s the story of a family divided.

It started somewhere, with one invidual story lost out of time and mind, but still buried in ALL our genetic material, and like a bad experience we’re playing it out over and over again. Yet, someone chose to not move in love somewhere, and what do we have now, however many millennia it is later?

A ‘race’ of pale faced filthy, fucking stinking ass rich white people, running around out of damn control and fucking up almost everything in sight. I said it, I definitely just said that. These filthy fucking rich white people, don’t care about you or me. They don’t even give a shit about other white people, not even their minions and underlings.

They know we’re all the same and we’re all food. Some of us are snacks, and some of us are five course dinners, but we’re all food. Food for them.

All these filthy fucking stinking ass dutty wankers care about is M.O.N.E.Y. and the power to control us all so we keep giving them more money.

They have been using ‘race’ and ‘racism’ and ‘colourism’ to game us all for at least half a millenia. They exploit our vulnerabilities and use our innate fears and xenophobia—what we look like, and how we talk, and what our hair does and does not do, and how our nose looks, or whether we have a vagina or a penis—and any combination of thousands of different triggers and methods they use to control us.

We choose our smallness, we choose our pettiness, and indeed we choose our version of this poison, but none of us escape this. Not even the most hippy love child out there talking about chakras and cosmic balance and oneness with Source.

This is because they have invested billions and centuries into these devices and mechanisms, and they’ve been refining and improving it for years, and there is far more unseen in the world than seen.

They kill a black boy in Ferguson, hire crisis actors to blow it well out of proportion, they trump up, play down, wave the right hand so you don’t see the left hand. They burn down a section of Baltimore and wave off, stage a ‘happening’ and crowd manage, hire back the same crisis actors and hey presto, more ‘racial tension’ to frighten the majority.

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These discussions about race and colourism, the furstrate the SHIT out of me because for most people they do not see past even the Columbus discovered America lie.


Like it or not, the solution to these problems is not violence and armed revolution and all that. Although if a revolution comes and all-o-we going, I going. But I am only going if all-o-we going; All the colours, the men, the women, the gay people, the monks and nuns, the pimps and the whores.

What is this revolution to be made of? More hate?

Nah, the solution is love and lots of babies. Lots and lots and lots of sex. All that wild genetic material, that is masquerading as a ‘separate race’ and ‘separate ethnicities’, has to be reunified by love.

The African mother loves and embraces her different looking child, because the world is not healed en masse, Beloveds. It is healed two by two.

One heart connecting to another, one moment to another, one life to another, one lifetime to the next and reaching all the way back to the beginning and stretching all the way to the end.

I am a product of that movement back to wholeness. It make take more generations than we can count, and the world will be entirely different then, but by then there will be no more ‘black’ or ‘white’ or ‘yellow’ or ‘red’. When they say you were made by the love of millions, they’re not kidding, and it is the love that we need to stop chasing and running away from.

It starts with loving yourself and the beautiful flesh in which you chose, the soul case you picked from untold choices and recognising the same choice in other. #Namaste

It’s like a poem I wrote once about “Burning Down Rome”. We think of “Rome” as a place in time, but it isn’t. Read the poem in Goddess Murmurs: Red Girl Musings, my collection of poetry available at

I think this is why so many African and Western indigenous, indeed, soooo many cultures overall stress ancestral veneration. Because of these very foolish human divisions and separations based on not one fuck.

What we need is more fucking love, allyuh! This starts with loving your skin, loving yourself and loving all the youness of you.

That is the real revolution.

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N'delamiko Bey (formerly Lord), is a writer, journalist and former Associate Editor for The Trinidad Guardian and a twenty year web development veteran. Her writing has been published in newspapers and magazines across the region, as well as in CAPE textbooks. She is The Sunhead Project's founder and Publishing Editor.
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