It’s “1.5 To Stay Alive”, Not 2.

It is fall in New York City and as a brown person born in the tropics, I should appreciate the fact that it is 60 degrees, but I don’t....
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It is fall in New York City and as a brown person born in the tropics, I should appreciate the fact that it is 60 degrees, but I don’t. I don’t appreciate the fact that I am sweating on my 10 minute walk to the train station. I do not appreciate the mist that appear on my eyeglasses because of the combination of the hot train and my hot body. What I would appreciate is a decent fall; a fall where I can wear my cute sweaters, coats, boots and LAYERS. Alas, 11 days before Christmas and we’ve been in the 60s for about a week. A month ago we had the hottest fall week on record in the history of weather!  As someone thats always been in touch with nature herself, I am hyper aware of the changes taking place on this planet.

Now, many may think that negative climatic changes would bring about the end of the world. However, our world our PLANET is a mighty one. And to think that she (mama Earth) would allow herself to succumb to the evil ways of man, well, that’s just preposterous. As a species, however, I can tell you that we would definitely go on the record as extinct if we continued at our current rate of carbon emissions and overall destruction.

For the first time in our (mine, yours and the person behind you)lifetime, 195 countries have come together in Paris to reach a climate agreement. In case you haven’t heard, environmental scientists stated that if the global temperature were to rise 2 degrees Celsius (approximately 3.6 degrees Fahrenheit), we would be in for a wild ride. And by ride I mean massive floods, droughts, food shortages, extremely powerful storms.; basically all of the strange weather we’ve seen already but on steroids. If we reached the threshold, it would be the end of us as species.

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Needless to say, this deal is monumental and more than necessary. In 2009, you might remember that several countries met in Copenhagen but could not reach a deal, and the planet just kept getting warmer. It might already be too late for some of these islands (The Marshall Islands are a sad example). If, however, the leaders of the countries that came to an agreement abide by this agreement and care about the lives of their descendants, there is more than hope for a future, though that future is looking mighty bleak.


1.5 to Stay Alive

Now, remember when i mentioned that the folks in Paris decided that 2 degrees was the danger mark, well it’s more like 1.5. Islands of the Caribbean have come together in order to ensure that the global temperature does not go above 1.5 degrees celsius. Going above 1.5 degrees celsius would destroy so many of the places that we call paradise. According to “With a 2•C increase, by the end of this century 1300 sq. kilometer of land will disappear in the Caribbean: an area comparable to the whole of Barbados, Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, combined!”. So needless to say, this agreement in Paris was bullshit. As a person born in the Caribbean with family still living in the Caribbean and my very definition of paradise being threatened, I am disgusted. I am disgusted because not only does the Parisian climate agreement basically ignore the impending loss of peoples HOMES  and a way of LIFE but the agreement does not officially go into affect until 2020. Not only that, but the agreement is actually NOT legally binding. This means that no country has to actually abide by this agreement.One can only hope that all countries will be compliant with the agreement for fear of nasty looks from others.

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We’re Already More Than Halfway There

Newsflash: The global temperature has already risen by 1 full degree. A lot of people aren’t aware of this but while everyone around me is reveling in the “beautiful weather” I am experiencing cold sweats because I cannot believe that I am alive at this time. When I was a child, this was not forecasted to happen for hundreds of years. Could the 1 degree increase be the reason why the threshold was set at 2 degrees, to make us feel better somehow? We are half a degree away from destruction; with natural disasters taking place more often than ever seen in our lifetime, this is truly scary folks. We’re gonna have a 70 degree Christmas in New York this year and the last 2 months have been the warmest on record. EVER

What Can We Do?

Indigenous people have been protesting for decades with the hopes that mega corporations will pull back and allow them to take care of mother nature as they (and we) were meant to. Instead, the caretakers of our planet have been expelled from their land while corporations have swooped in and exhausted the land of its natural resources.

It’s important to note that the Paris Agreement includes the rights of indigenous populations, however, these rights were included in the preamble and not the actual operating text. Why? Well, it appears that  the rights of peaceful indigenous people are seen as a negative thing and these rights came under huge scrutiny and opposition from the Saudi Arabian governments among others.

Can we trust these nations to actually implement a change when the rights of those who are fighting for the existence of a planet that we all call home are ignored?I don’t mean to be a debbie downer but it looks like we’re rowing up shits creek without a paddle,people. Take your vacations and your Caribbean cruises now!

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Boy, I need a drink. Here’s to divine intervention! *cheers*

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