Quinoa: The Mother Grain

The Mother Grain is a documentary about the surging popularity of quinoa and how this has been impacting the local Aymara and Quechua farmers in Bolivia.
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Although quinoa has become a food du jour and has rapidly increased in popularity in recent years, it is a traditional food of many aboriginal American communities.

The Mother Grain is a documentary about the surging popularity of quinoa and how this has been impacting the local Aymara and Quechua farmers in Bolivia.

Quinoa was used extensively by the ancestors of the Aymara and Quechua,  in traditional ceremonial practices. This led the Spanish Conquistadors to ban growing the sacred grain. Like so many rooted practices, the colonial bans were never completely successful. Like Spiritual Baptists, Orisha devotion and many religious practises across the Americas, cultivation and honoring of Quinoa continued, just on a smaller scale.

Quinoa’s comeback among vegetarians and vegans, health food advocates, is bringing the super food back into a place of honour in the light.

The Mother Grain looks at how the increased global demand of Quinoa is affecting the indigenous farmers who grow it.

You can watch the entire film at: Culture Unplugged.

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