Reparations Not Just For Africans, Amerindian First Nations Deserve It Too! 

Rethink your anti-reparations position very carefully, it might come from a place of your own deep seated racism or result of the perfect 'uncle Tom brainwashing' you received all your formative years.
Native American and African slaves working in a Hispaniola sugar plantation. Theodore de Bry, America. part 5. Frankfurt, 1596
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Excellent point this whole ‘Reparations’ issue.
You can nitpick who is to ‘get what’—does a mulatto get half what an unmixed African descendant gets? Or a 10% white black man get a 10% discounted share? And other smaller issues like that but the fact remains that the slave owners were compensated so why the hell do you think the slave descendants don’t deserve to be compensated also?
Who suffered more? Who got the richest off of it—because the African tribal kingdoms that participated in it by selling their captured tribal enemies did not do as well as Europe obviously—for most of them are long gone into the dustbin of history.

The same European Colonial Political Nation-State Powers (United Kingdom, France, Netherlands etc.) still exist so therefore they are still legally accountable unless you know little to nothing of international human rights law.

You may also want to look into the Jewish slave ship owners (they did not Captain the ships, just owned them and took a cut of the profits) who also got rich off of the commerce in slaves (though their involvement seems to be some kind of ‘big secret no-one wants to mention’).Many of their descendants are still running businesses—a few Big Banks today can trace back to their involvement in the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. Sue them for reparations as well!

Germany had to compensate the Holocaust survivors so what is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

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Rethink your anti-reparations position very carefully, it might come from a place of your own deep seated racism or result of the perfect ‘uncle Tom brainwashing’ you received all your formative years.
Before I go, let me also remind you that before the African slave trade in the Americas, the Amerindian slave trade in the Americas ruled supreme for over 100 years!

Many East Coast USA tribes including Wampanoag, Yamasee, Pequots, Susquehannock, Westo, Stono, Kusso, (even as far west as Utes), Central America tribes and South America tribes (Lokonos especially) and Caribbean Tribes (Tainos by Spaniards & Kalinagos especially by Englishmen & Frenchmen) ended up being captured in war (or just plain kidnapped on slaving raids) with Englishmen and Spaniards and being sold into slavery in the Caribbean.

The island of Barbados was as a matter of fact so INFAMOUS for being a hub of the Amerindian slave trade that the Spanish had a saying ‘to be Barbadoed’ which meant to be sold into Amerindian slavery. So I urge my African brothers and sisters NOT to imagine that they suffered only or the worst from the European slave trade, for over 100 million Amerindians lost their lives cruelly from slavery & European diseases they had no immunities to) in those 100 years alone.

Watch this very short but to the point video:
First Nations
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