Review of Dominican Actress Katherine Castro

In “Beyond Triple Threat Status—The Phenom Known as Katherine Castro,” interviews and reviews the work of Dominican actress Katherine Castro
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In “Beyond Triple Threat Status—The Phenom Known as Katherine Castro,” interviews and reviews the work of Dominican actress Katherine Castro, who stars (as Isabella) in the 2015 film American Violence. Here are excerpts of the article:

Katherine Castro’s introduction to the industry can be traced back to her initial exposure to dance. Katherine Castro speaks, “It all started with the dance. When I was a child I lived in Virginia. My dad was assigned to the Dominican embassy in Washington D.C. and I had problems of coordination and balance. My parents enrolled me in dance class because that was the doctor’s prescription.” Castro continues. “They trained us in the classical manner, but then you have those kids who will be going off to competitions. They started to show you these videos and I was a kid so I didn’t know who Judy Garland was or any of these songs. They would introduce you to this magical world and when I saw that on film I realized that is what I wanted to do!” Katherine’s enthusiasm continues, “It was a realization that you can dance, sing and be on film! This is it! That was what I wanted to do with my life. I knew before that I wanted to be somehow involved with entertainment. I had memories when I was one or two years, but when I was five when I saw that put together on film, it was like this whole world opened up to me and I knew that I would pursue it.”

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Katherine Castro would eventually break into the entertainment business in the Dominican Republic. Castro explains, “I did work in the entertainment industry in the DR, but it was completely different. I did some T.V. hosting and covered some individual stories, but it really wasn’t my thing.

I felt I couldn’t really touch people’s lives with that.” It was that particular trait that this columnist began to notice most about Katherine. The need to selflessly help people through the arts. Indeed, Katherine was considering becoming a diplomat at one point in her life. Castro speaks, “I like politics in a sense that when I see there is something wrong with society or my country-I want to be part of the solution. I want to be part of something that could change people’s lives or make their lives better.” Katherine Castro continues, “I realized that the Dominican Republic did not have at that moment the tools that I needed for me to really fulfill and propel the way that I wanted to. I finished my university and got my diploma in journalism actually and thought that it was not it for me. I knew it had to be L.A. I knew this when I was 7 years old because one of my dance teachers in Virginia was moving back home and home was California. She mentioned Los Angeles and I knew then and I thought that is where I want to go.

Katherine Castro has an incredibly realistic approach to her craft coupled with an ambition that few can match. Katherine enlightens, “the film industry is not necessarily the most welcoming. You are being judged as an actor constantly. It is more the noes that you get before getting the yeses. You can have moments where you question yourself. I take that out of my mind completely. I know I am good enough and that is not the question. It wasn’t meant to be or I wasn’t the right person. On to the next thing, I try not to hold on to that.”

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Katherine’s roles up to this point have been intense, grounded in reality and full of real world conviction. It is this columnist’s opinion that given Castro’s athletic background that include extensive dance and martial arts, Katherine would be a natural in fantasy milieu whether that of a blockbuster superhero adventure or a cerebral science fiction drama.

[Photo above by Oscar Benjamin—Compassionate Wolf Productions)



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