‘Tephlon Funk’ Kickstarter Campaign

If You Love Hip Hop & Anime, Nas-inspired 'Tephlon Funk' Will Be Your New Favorite Manga!
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Hey guys! I’m Stephane Metayer, an Artist and Writer from New York City. My inspirations include Akira Toriyama, Osamu Tezuka, Katsuhiro Otomo, Bengus, Akiman, Kentaro Miura & Hayao Miyazaki. My biggest influence would have to be Nas. Specifically his 1994 debut album “Illmatic”, which finally pushed me to create “Tephlon Funk!”

This is my 1st project which I hope to help inspire and influence others. I’m a true fan of both Hip Hop and Anime. Over 10 years later, I’m now ready to take the next step. Tephlon Funk is a series that I came up with over 11 years ago while I was still in High School. It’s an incredible story about a troubled teenage girl who runs into someone that changes her life forever. The events that take place not only changes her outlook on life but also gives her the inner strength she never knew she had.

I always felt that there weren’t enough stories out there that were able to successfully mix the two mediums seamlessly. Bring the best of both worlds into one dope project. I wanted the story to take place in New York City. Specifically Queensbridge since this was heavily inspired by “Illmatic.” I’ve never seen an NYC based cartoon that really captured the true essence of living in this big city.

I thought “Why not have the lead character be someone down to earth that’s believable and people care about?” which is what influenced me to put together “Tephlon Funk!”

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Tephlon is a project that is hugely important to everyone involved in it’s creation. Our kickstarter is currently live and we’d be eternally grateful for any support you can offer – even if that only means sharing this post and getting the word out to the world. Check out our kickstarter video for more information:

And don’t forget to head here to view our kickstarter page!

All in all, we’re just artists who have a huge passion in Anime, Manga, and great music. Which is what makes this project so important to us. Below you can see more art from the project and character profiles!

The Art and History of Tephlon Funk

Tephlon Funk: The Dope Tape


Inez Jozlyn

Gabriel Ainsley

Cameron Phoenix

Giselle Rodriguez

Thank you for taking your time to check out our project and have a blessed day!

Source: If You Love Hip Hop & Anime, Nas-inspired ‘Tephlon Funk’ Will Be Your New Favorite Manga! – moviepilot.com


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