T&T: Cannabis industry can create thousands of jobs

It is time for T&T to put away the fundamental bias that has been attributed towards cannabis (ganja, marijuana, herbs, high grade—whatever you want to call it) for decades...
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It is time for T&T to put away the fundamental bias that has been attributed towards cannabis (ganja, marijuana, herbs, high grade—whatever you want to call it) for decades and see how it can benefit the Government and its people through legalised, taxed and well-regulated medical cannabis (which has been proven to be far safer than alcohol and cigarettes combined). This can create numerous economic benefits for this country in the state of its recession.

The taxes can increase the country’s revenue, which can be a major help with the recession.

Job creation is integral to any economy and cannabis jobs already exist in T&T but are unfortunately already held by criminals. A well-regulated medical cannabis programme could create new jobs for hard-working, tax-paying citizens. From horticulturists cultivation to labs testing the safety of the herb, to employees at hospitals and dispensaries. It can create thousands of new jobs.

Cannabis is a multibillion-dollar industry throughout the world and currently most of the revenue goes to criminal gangs and cartels. However, in the upcoming years, cannabis industry has not only proved to be beneficial int he recreational field, but also in the medical field. The CBD Body Lotion and other CBD products, have time and again proved to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Cannabis prohibition is expensive and much of this cost comes from burdening our justice system, wasting law enforcement’s time and using taxpayers’ money to incarcerate cannabis offenders and still these efforts fail as cannabis is still illegally available. Retailers are even thought to have their own custom rolling paper, so as to differentiate between the quality of the brands.

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Regulation will take the profit centre away from criminals and transfer it to licensed and regulated businesses. This can help decrease the drug offence population which generates more tax dollars that can be funded to more important programmes.

Also, applying the increased revenues with the decreased expenses caused by legalisation yields a net gain within the millions. This money can be used to help with the country’s underfunded public work programmes like the education system, the building of new roads, increase of social security for seniors, and for most, benefit, the ailing citizens who can profit from the medical properties of the herb.

In short, the Government should really take into consideration the benefits this herb has, as it can (ironically) help save our economy.

Candace Alfonso,


Source: The Trinidad Guardian Newspaper

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