Underwater hotel set to open in Caribbean

Would you sleep 28 feet under water?
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CATERSUNDER DA DEA: Would you sleep 28 feet under water?

If you fancy getting up close and personal with sea creatures, this breath-taking underwater retreat could be the perfect spot for you.The mythical underwater hotel lets you explore what it’s like living under the sea.But the abode – submerged 28 feet under water – doesn’t come cheap. In fact, the aquatic experience will set you back millions.


CATERSMAGICAL: The luxury hotel will set you back £1.9 million

A single unit in the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel, which will be set in a stunning Caribbean location, will coast a whopping $3 million (£1.9 million).And if you fancy complete privacy, you can snap up the entire 12-room design for $20 million (£13.2 million).The underwater hotel is currently at the planning stage, but it has received USA Patent and Trademark approval as the world’s first underwater luxury hotel.


The hotel is technically classed as a vessel, as it can navigate ocean waters using electromechanical propulsion technology.It’s the first of its kind and aims to create a unique boutique experience in the depths of the Caribbean sea.

CATERSCOMING SOON: Plans for the underwater hotel are underway

Tony Webb, the man behind the hotel design, said: “I refer to it as inner space tourism, and the new industry is now ready to launch into the ocean frontier.“Meanwhile, the philanthropic goal is to give back to the planetary community through Biorock coral reef restoration of the world’s endangered coral reefs.“We have selected a superior international location for our test site for the single unit hotel, and once the permit is issued then the count-down clock begins.”

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“We will offer an opportunity to be part of the inner space tourism industry to every Caribbean island nation, too,” he added.”All they have to do is approve a mooring location for the Planet Ocean Underwater Hotel single unit with elevator. We will provide the protection, management and expansion of the most fascinating hotels on the planet.”

Source: Underwater hotel set to open in Caribbean | Travel News | Cheap UK Holidays, Luxury Breaks & More | Daily Star

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