Van Romance

My sexy brown friend , You want DIS? Red I can tek You home.. yah know?
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My sexy brown friend

You want DIS

Red I can tek

You home..yah know

Red you looking good

Let me tek you home…NUH!!!

Is all I hear

in the van stand

Sometimes I wonder

If these lines REALLY WORK

Do they really expect me

To fall in love with those kind of lines…

In the van going home

You catch the driver

Watching you in the

Rear view mirror

You smile cause

He is actually cute

And maybe a little bit shy

No words have been

Exchanged besides

The polite pleasantries

Yet you find yourself

Waiting for HIS van

Then there is the

Exchange of names

No telephone numbers

As you still have your


Yet you find yourself

Still in the van after

It has past your gap

Okay you get FREE rides

What does he get

Beside seeing your face


Cause you refuse

To be labeled

Van Rat

YET you still

Let van after van pass

Until his van comes

You both find the courage

To talk and learn

More about each other

You learn he has

Goals, dreams, children

And that he is “single”

You think “van man single ?”


You look at him

With that “I was not born yesterday” look

Yet you still wait on HIS van

Cause the conversation is nice

And he is “different”

To your “type”

You are intrigued

BUT you were taught that

“Curiosity killed the cat”

You think what harm

Could ONE date

ONE kiss

ONE hug do


you accept the invitation

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One Comment
  • Samantha Hazlewood
    17 December 2015 at 9:35 am
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    I was waiting for the rest!! The Oh let me put it in….just a little bit. Girl you so sweet….then the unanswered calls. The uncomfortable silence….the we need to talk…the mysterious woman suddenly appearing out the wood work. The but I’m pregnant….

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