The Indonesian Genocide Has Killed Half A Million Papuans & The World Continues To Do Nothing

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“All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” – Edmund Burke

img_01Remember this quote when you are tempted into fooling yourself that peaceful protest can solve every problem in the world.
We good men and women must fight when no other course of action will help us. Over half a million Papuans have been slaughtered!


This is why I have always and will always tell my indigenous brothers and sisters all over thew world, “When foreigners invade your lands and violently oppress you under their tyrannical illegitimate rule, it is your sacred duty to fight and kill them in self-defense of your people!

It is always very easy for someone safely in their comfy home far away from this kind of oppression to tell you ‘Violence solves nothing’….for they have never been in WAR – and in war it is only violence that will save you from people who are determined to exterminate you.


The Jews in Europe did not resist the Nazis for the most part and millions were killed. Tell me how their ‘pacifism’ helped to save them? To hell with cowards and their cowardly advice! Even the “holy books’ tell us ‘For there is a time for war—and a time for peace.’

We must do whatever the times and circumstances in the age in which we live require of us as human beings to protect  and defend other innocent defenseless human beings we love even if that means the shedding of the blood of their guilty attacking enemies.

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344051All of our warriors who rose to fight our enemies are true heroes and all of our people who refused to fight back against genocide, leaving our elders, our women, and our cildren to be butchered are cowards! This is how I raise my children and what I teach to our tribal youth, for dark days are ahead of us in our current lifetimes, and my words will save many if heeded.

This will upset any right-thinking human being but it is better to see what kind of reality others (not safely out of harms way like you) have to face before you give any ‘pacifist advice’ to people who are being slaughtered.

evilindo34Watch this and remember that our own indigenous ancestors were treated just like this and worse, but this (and worse) is still happening to our indigenous brothers and sisters all over the world today!

I also believe all human beings are Children of God and spiritual brothers and sisters, but when you have evil men like this treating other humans like this, I tell you solemnly, you would feel an adrenaline rush of ecstasy to be able to turn the tables on your tormentors like these and kill them.

Yyou won’t ‘lose any sleep’ because in your mind you will know that they deserved to die!

What we see is bad enough, men and boys of all ages being brutalized in front of their wives and children. What we don’t see is these Papuans being raped and murdered off camera.

wamenaIt would have been better if these Papuans had fled into the mountains and joined the indigenous rebellion against the Indonesian invaders, got trained and acquired guns and spent the rest of their lives killing Indonesian soldiers every chance they got or died trying to.

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The world certainly is not doing a damned thing to stop the genocide of their people that the invading Indonesians have unleashed on ‘West Papua’ for decades. Too many pacifists talking abroad and not enough men of action fighting on the ground to ever stop it.

This is what kind of happy people the Papuans are:



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  • ndelamiko
    7 January 2016 at 1:13 am
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    Damon I’ve been tracking this story for years now… I want to take up arms and go fight for them. What is happening to these beautiful people is evil…

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