VIDEO: Èzili Dantò on The Stream Sexually abused by aid workers Part II

” As you will see, Aljazeera cut me off in their second part when the UN came on as the host went forth with the myth and narrative that...
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As you will see, Aljazeera cut me off in their second part when the UN came on as the host went forth with the myth and narrative that there will be zero tolerance; that the UN can actually, internally reform itself, investigate itself, punish itself, be its own prosecutor, judge, jury and fix its rape culture and environment; that it’s 60 years of rape with impunity; it’s colonial massacres, political persecution of Black, Brown and Bosnia voices, of treating women as objects and divvying up the global South for the WW2 Western powers is some sort of isolated incident, some mistake and were not by design and structural. See for yourself.” — Èzili Dantò of HLLN, March 28, 2017


Aljazeera episode story:
Help stop UN Rape, Pedophilia, Sex Slavery, Enforced Prostitution, Forced Pregnancy and Ethnic Cleansing in Haiti

Tell President Donald Trump and Nikki Haley to help Haitians stop the UN criminals in Haiti. Demand the new US ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, do more than Samantha Powers, the Clintons and Obomba. Trump should withdraw US funding from the UN mission in Haiti; put that money to better use for inner city jobs in America as requested by Èzili’s HLLN/Free Haiti.

For the next two weeks before the April 11, 2017 renewal of the Haiti mission – Tweet at least one message and link per day from this suggested list or others of your choice to show UN violations of human rights in Haiti to:

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@nikkihaley (Nikki Haley, the US ambassador to the UN) ;
@realDonaldTrump President Donald Trump and
@antonioguterres UN Secretary General António Guterres #FreeHaiti

Tell them not to extend the UN mission. Show the UN rape of women and children, cholera, fake elections and other devastation in Haiti.

Thank you for focusing on this issue in the next coming weeks before the UN Security Council vote. Thanks!

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