VIDEO: Roger Stone Interviews Èzili Dantò on Clinton Election Fraud in Haiti

Is Omarosa Working With The Clintons? Roger Stone talks with Èzili Dantò about the Clintons and how they were a key part in the destruction of Haiti. – February...
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Is Omarosa Working With The Clintons?
Roger Stone talks with Èzili Dantò about the Clintons and how they were a key part in the destruction of Haiti. – February 1, 2017


People need to leave @RogerJStoneJr alone. In 321million Americans, Stone was the only high profile political player2urge @realDonaldTrump to STOP the Clinton-Obama colonialism in #Haiti, 2not continue it by legitimizing the consultant-created Jovenel Moise puppet regime.

If you did nothing, if you did not support efforts to stop neocolonialism during the Obama, Secretary Clinton-colonial celebrity earthquake time, then as far as we’re concerned, you’re part of the problem.

The Deep State taps into Leftist stereotypes, high profiled and token non-whites under Obama to confuse the liberation narrative and disarm Haiti freedom fighters. This doesn’t work with #FreeHaiti. Neither will making Trump the ultimate evil in white supremacy compared to the warmongering, colonizing Obama-Clinton Democrats and establishment Republicans disarm us or stop us from revealing the contradictions and speaking our truth to the media-programmed public. Donald Trump is less of a warmonger and colonist than Obama/Clinton. Free Haiti urges all Trump conversations and efforts to stop U.S. so-called foreign “aid”. That’s good Donald, do it. Stay out of Haiti, the global south, Africa and cut all military and media support for AFRICOM, CARICOM, the colonial AU, OAS, NATO, WB, UN, the International Criminal Court, the “free trade” hoax, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the fascist white supremacist international community, et al…

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It doesn’t matter that Free Haiti and you have different reasons for taking down these colonial institutions. As the prey to American genocide and colonialism for centuries, Free Haiti and Free Black America can’t remember when “America was GREAT” for us AT ALL!!! We speak today, in the name of Kwame Nkrumah’s real vision for May African Liberation Day; we Desalin Haitians denounce all the colonial organizations and wretched UN designated NGOs filled with “Liberals,” Cecile Rhodes colonists and warmongers masturbating on Black pain, privatizing public wealth/patrimony to the mercenary transnational oligarchs subjugating their own masses and calling it “foreign aid,” “bringing democracy,” and “human rights.” No thank you. Hell with the African Union sell-out Negroes and Congressional Black Caucus Georges Soros clowns. Free African historian, Laurent Gbagbo now from the International Criminal Court!!! Long live Robert Mugabe and a free Zimbabwe.

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    great video

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    I love you! My new video about you )

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