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What's This?
Sunhead Magazine was founded and launched on July 1, 1996 at the offices of Wow.net in St. Clair, Trinidad & Tobago.
Back in 1996, there was nothing like Sunhead being published. We were a monthly magazine focussed on youth culture. We knew we were ahead of the curve, but it’s not until many years later and the advent of ‘social media’ that we understood how far ahead.
In 2016, Sunhead is a daily magazine on the Web. We are a general-interest publication offering analysis and commentary about issues, politics, society, news, business, technology, and culture. Sunhead’s irreverent editorial voice and sharp take on current events. We both publish original work and curate the Caribbean online with love & zeal.
If you:
  • Can read more than two hundred words without brain farting,
  • Are born in or are living in the Caribbean,
  • If you are second, third or fourth or fifth generation Caribbean people and ya in foreign,
  • If you are in a country and it has a Caribbean Coast
  • If you are indigenous to the Americas, or have a brown indigenous population anywhere on earth,
  • If you are from these parts and in foreign, anywhere foreign happens to be,
  • If you love creators, creation, and the change we are witnessing and are a part of it happening,
  • If you love the cultures, hues, arts, imagination, enterprise and the full on geekery of the Americas,
Then we’d like to suggest you’ve found a place where you can see yourself, reflected everywhere you click.
We at The Sunhead Project challenge our readers to read with ambition!
We’re very female oriented, although that is by no means our only audience. We represent, and we mean it. We avidly support many causes and driving issues that are shaping and changing the Caribbean, and indeed the Americas. We also irreverently poke fun at anything we take our minds to and we won’t apologise.
We cover not just the Caribbean, but a global Caribbean culture. As hard as it is to pin down the thousands of things that make the Caribbean unique, we bet you’ll have just as hard a time figuring out why Sunhead is so damn cool.
We is WI.
In the last 20 years, we’ve developed many new voices, inspired and spawned a whole generation of online publishers, who don’t remember what publishing hand-coded HTML was like, or remember that Sunhead kicked open doors for them. We are proud to have been a part of shaping a Caribbean online that expresses itself more freely, more regularly and more openly than it did when we started out in 1996.
What we want is to help shape the next 20 years of the Caribbean’s online publishing. We want to create a global outlet for thought, action and truth both personal and societal. Above all, we want to stimulate, entertain and inform. We welcome your submissions, press releases, project notes, videos, writing, poems, comics and anything else that we can share with the world.
We want to change the feeds from the nauseating travel style Caribbean representation dominating to US. US. OUR THING!
Our current goals with The Sunhead Project, are the same as they have been for 20 years:
  • To create a platform for reflection and expression for primarily Caribbean people (all the rebel minded in general, but those who speak to our lives, cultures and issues) online regardless of age, location, sex, sexual orientation, ethnic background or any of the thousands of labels we use to create them and us. We are we, and we are one people, one love, one heart.
  • To create and stimulate interests in ‘frontier’ technologies and opportunities for Caribbean people to use those technologies to change the economic structure of the Caribbean by creating true real time e-commerce within the region.
  • To showcase Caribbean culture, personalities and causes outside of the ‘tourism’ setting we’re so often framed within, and to go beyond the pastoral and bucolic Caribbean to find the pulse of the region, as a unique and vibrant culture. We are interested in not just the Caribbean, but everything the Caribbean is interested in.
  • To showcase new and established writers, photographers, artists, entrepreneurs, idea makers, videographers and creative people from across the Caribbean diaspora, creating around the issues, topics they’re passionate about and would not get a fair airing in traditional media.
  • To create a pool of thought influencers and change agents that believe it is possible for the Caribbean to be better, and engage our audience in dialogue on how we can bring these changes about.
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