From the beginning, The Sunhead Project has made it a routine practise to help writers develop their voices, and provided a platform for those who were already in full-throated ululation.

That said, we continue this tradition with no small number of those very same writers still around and willing to pay it forward.

What is Write4Life?

It is a writer’s pool, a writer’s online workshop, a place to bounce around ideas, and its the core of our editorial process.

What Write4Life was 19 years ago when we started it to build up our writers, and what it has become and growing into, is self-explanatory: Write For Life! Many of the writers who have participated over the years have gone on to do amazing things.

If you just want to give us an article or two, here or there, then we suggest you make the open submissions form part of your bookmark collection. If you enjoy being a part of a collaborative, challenging, fun, growth exercise for your writing, then join us.

We use Slack for all our communications, and to read more about it and get an invite, please click here.